Wednesday Haul #3

You know, I realized last week that I hadn’t posted the Wednesday haul from the week before. And then I got swamped with my new release and forgot to post last Wednesday’s as well. So I’m posting them both now (in separate posts). There is no Wednesday haul for today …

Wednesday Haul #2

– Hands Off!: Don’t Call us Angels #2 (Comedy/Drama – Teen 13+)– Her Majesty’s Dog #8 (Paranormal Romantic Comedy – OT 16+)– Don’t Blame Me #1 (Yaoi/Drama/Romance – Mature 18+)– The Prime Minister’s Secret Diplomacy (Yaoi/Political Drama – Mature 18+) That’s today’s haul. Pretty tame considering… actually, I got all …

News and Wednesday Haul #1

As of today, I’ve started two new things so I’m updating my blog habitually with more than new releases. One is Favorite Quote (previous post), where I share some quote that just really clicks with me. And the other is Wednesday Haul — I share what manga I got from …


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V-Day Contest Winners!!

Congratulations to the three winners of Zenobia Renquist’s debut story contest. Ms. Priss LuAnn M. Yvonne K. They are receiving a free copy of A Valentine’s Gift for Tori (which releases 01 Feb — TOMORROW!) and a Valentine’s Day gift basket full of V-Day cheer.