Writing Update 16 November

Sooo… this isn’t much of a writing update. I stalled majorly after Monday. Last Friday through Monday was spent doing stuff with the hubby and friends for the long weekend. I figured I would get into Tuesday and no dice.

I wrote a little on the final of the eight book series for Razor’s Edge, but I’m thinking I’ll have to axe it all and start over. I didn’t like how the story was going after only a few paragraphs. I didn’t track what I did write since I probably won’t be keeping it.

While I know where I want the Serenity sequel to go, I run into a road block (not really writer’s block) when I go to start writing. So this week was pretty much shot.

I’m hoping getting some real life stuff out of the way (seeing Breaking Dawn Pt 2, trading in some books to the local used bookstore, doing the 50K service on my car, and getting the car inspected and re-registered in Hawaii) on Friday will help. Maybe all those errands getting me out of the house is what I need. Fresh air and all that. I think I mentioned getting away in one of my Writing Advice posts.


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