Coming to Theaters 23 November

Coming to Theaters 23 November

For those who like me will be dodging the Black Friday crowds by hiding in a movie theater, here’s what will be in theaters…

Rise of the Guardians (Animation, Family, Adventure, Fantasy – PG)
I have wanted to see this since I saw the movie poster for it way back when. I just love the concept. I also love that Santa Claus is a big, burly Russian dude with tattoos. Go Santa. That is badass. I’m even more impressed that it has a great cast and what looks like a great plot. We shall see.

Life of Pi (Adventure, Drama – PG)
The hubby and I want to see this. I admit I just want to see it because of the tiger in the boat. It looks amazing and heart wrenching. I’m sure we’ll enjoy it.

Silver Linings Playbook (Comedy, Drama – R)

Rust and Bone (Drama, Romance – R)

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