Writing Update: 14 April


I’ve gotten my edits for Eris. Eek! Eek! I always get nervous whenever I get edits. It’s a different type of nervous from release day since my editor is the first person that will have things to say (good, bad, and ugly).

I looked over the checklist and it doesn’t seem too horrible. I’m going to look over the actual document after I fortify myself with some food. I know I can’t start my edits right now (which completely sucks) since I’m still doing preparations for RT con as well as I have to work tonight (did I ever mention that I HATE my day job?).

My next day off is Friday and I’ll want to work on it then but I really need to get my faery ball costume finished and get packed. Ugh, only one week left before the madness crashes over me and sweeps me away. Have to remember to pack a flotation device.

On another note, I have written a little bit. Not as much as I want and not on what I wanted but, at this point, writing is writing. I’ll take what I can get. 😀

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