Writing Update: 11 May 2010

Woot! Eris edits are accomplished (first round at any rate). I ended up rewriting one chapter completely (except for two paragraphs). Not because the editor asked me to but because I didn’t like the flow of that chapter. 😛

Believe it or not, it’s actually longer now than when I first submitted it. The editor wanted certain parts explained better. *shrug* You want the long book longer. No problem. *eg*

Now, it’s on to Rite Men for Maya. I plan to tweak a few chapters of that and get it submitted. Hopefully that’s only a day project since (a) the book is finished already, (b) the tweaks aren’t that extensive, and (c) it’s a novella.

After that I’m going through Contractually Bound Love again to see what I can tweak and then submitting that to pub #2. Pub #1 said no. *shrug* Oh well. I was sad for all of two seconds and then I had to go to RT Con. It only sucks because I have the absolute perfect promotion idea for this book that would have probably been a big hit at RT Con. Guess I’ll have to save it for another venue.

THEN, after those two, I can jump back into one of my WIPs. More than likely Pet’s Pleasure, but we’ll see who’s talking to me when I get that far. 😀

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