Wednesday Haul #3

You know, I realized last week that I hadn’t posted the Wednesday haul from the week before. And then I got swamped with my new release and forgot to post last Wednesday’s as well. So I’m posting them both now (in separate posts). There is no Wednesday haul for today since I’m postponing my comic run until Saturday because of the sale.

So, without further ado…

Wednesday Haul #3 – 19 March 2008

Hana Kimi #22 (Comedy Romance – OT)
Love Training (yaoi/romance/drama – Mature 18+)
Love Mode #8 (yaoi/romance/drama – Mature 18+)
Prince Charming #2 (yaoi/romance/drama – Mature 18+)
Vanilla #2 (yaoi/romance/drama – Mature 18+)
Everlasting Love (yaoi/romance/drama – Mature 18+)
Love Pistols #4 (yaoi/fantasy/romance – Mature 18+)

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