Wednesday Haul #4

The Wednesday haul for 26 March 2008 was exceedingly tame. I actually bought random stuff because I felt like I should be spending more. Isn’t that bad?

Here’s what I got…

Vampire Hunter D: Dark Nocturne (sci-fi/horror/novel)

That’s it.

I made up for it though. I went to Borders the other day and got Platinum Garden #1 (romance/comedy – Teen 13+). I liked the first volume so much that I went back and got #2-#6. It’s a fifteen volume manga and peaked my interest at just the right time since my other long run series are about to end. I seem to always be collecting a manga series that’ll last for a while. My longest running series is Hana Kimi at 23 volumes. The final volume comes out this month.

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