Reviews: A Valentine’s Gift for Tori

Two new reviews for A Valentine’s Gift for Tori. That makes three in all. After reading these two reviews and seeing the reader ratings at Fictionwise, I’ve come to the conclusion that my V-Day story is a “love it” or “hate it” book. There is no grey area. 🙂

Let’s start with the bad news.

Matilda from Coffee Time Romance is on the dark side of the force, giving it two cups. She said, “A Valentine’s Day gift for Tori started out strong but by the end it kind of fell flat for me. The idea of an open marriage was okay, yet the way it played out seemed so unreal and the story lacked depth. Although I liked the characters, I felt there was little, if any, chemistry between them… I like the concept but am not overly impressed by the story which leads me to say you take your chances when deciding to read this…” (Click Here for full review)

On the other side of the force, Red Roses for Authors Reviews gave it 4.5 roses. They said, “This is a book that is worth reading… It is the type of book that once you start you don’t stop reading until the very end.” (Click Here for full review)

Now, you might ask why I would even bother telling anyone about a bad review. Simple. Good or bad, publicity is publicity and my book is now located on TWO more websites where readers frequent. And, some people might think like Matilda and not like the kids.

So far as I can tell, that’s everyone’s biggest hangup about the whole story is the kids. In my defense (not that I think I need one), the kids were the only plot device I could think of for keeping the original couple rather than getting a divorce. AND, I never said they were typical seven-year-olds. Matter of fact, I went out of my way to say they weren’t typical at all.

Eh, I won’t fight it. The story is written and I like it. It was a gift to myself and Terez. It was also rushed, but came out pretty good for a four day job.

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