Reverted ~ Sealing the Deal

As of 20 September 2016, Sealing the Deal (Assistant’s Position 4) — Contemporary BWWM Erotica — is no longer available for purchase through Razor’s Edge, a Changeling Press imprint. The rights have reverted back to the author (me).

Plans to re-release this title, and the rest of the Assistant’s Position Series, are in the works with major tweaks and book additions before it’ll happen. This series will also be moved to my Erotica pen name, Derenzi Balach.

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Sealing the Deal (Assistant's Position 4) cover

Sealing the Deal[Assistant’s Position 4]A raise is dependent on how she uses her assets.

Board Review
Rachel is up for her yearly review. Her work ethic has been above standard and she’s confident in her skills. The board plans to scrutinize every bit of her, leaving nothing untouched. Rachel knows her performance will get a raise out of them.

Personal Time
Rachel is back after a long vacation. It’s a slow start, but Matt and Christine are both eager to supply the hands on support Rachel needs to get back in the swing of things.

Book Info

Reversion Date: 20 September 2016

Publisher: Changeling Press, Razor’s Edge
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Erotica, Multiple Partners
Ebook ISBN: 0659302121
Ebook ASIN: B00GGA3D3E
Ebook Price: $3.49/US
Ebook Release: 20 September 2013
Length: Novella (10,000 words/36 pages)
Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

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4 Cocktails
“If what you want is something steamy to hit the spot, by all means, I would definitely recommend Sealing the Deal.”
~ Iris, Cocktails and Books


The group clapped.

The chair at the head of the table creaked. Mr. Tedson must have sat down. He said, “This is a full review. All clauses are void. You may proceed.”

Rachel wanted to shout for joy. She’d worried her no oral clause would still be in effect during the review.

Several other chairs creaked and their wheels scraped the hardwood floor as people resituated. The rasp of zippers and fabric sliding against fabric preceded three different sets of footsteps as the lottery winners climbed onto the table and walked towards Rachel.

She had the unique opportunity of finding out how a prey animal must feel when surrounded by carnivores. Her heart raced and she was close to panting. Who would touch her first? Where would the person touch her? What body part would they touch her with? Would she recognize the person?

All the questions heated her body until she wanted to beg. She clamped her lips shut against the urge.

A large, masculine hand cupped her ass. Rachel couldn’t stop the loud gasp that left her. The man cupping her ass leaned in close and whispered in a voice she didn’t recognize, “Keep that up and you’ll faint before we even start.”

“Sorry, sir,” she said in a breathy voice.

Mr. Tedson said, “Arms up.”

The command wasn’t for Rachel but the person operating the pulley. A buzzing sound accompanied the pole binding her wrists being raised until her arms stretched over her head. Standing on her toes kept her full weight from resting on her arms.

The man behind her stooped down and framed her ass with his hands. He laid a kiss on the small of her back then her tailbone. Digging his fingers into her skin, he spread her ass cheeks and exposed her puckered hole.

“Very pretty,” a woman in the audience cooed.

Rachel said, “Thank you, ma’am.”

Hot wetness slid over Rachel’s asshole as the man behind her licked. He moved his tongue in slow circles around the opening of her ass before delving the tip of his tongue inside her.

She bit her lip but that didn’t stop her moan of pleasure. Ever since the presentation with Matt at the hotel, a few executives had started paying more attention to her ass. One executive, while fingering her ass, liked to describe in beautiful detail all the ways he would lick her asshole once he got the chance. Given the enthusiasm of the man behind her and his thorough attention, she had a guess as to his identity.

“Thank you, Mr. Patton.”

The man didn’t pause or acknowledge she’d spoken but Mr. Tedson laughed. “Oh ho, Scott. She guessed you fairly quickly. Been doing something you shouldn’t have been?”

Scott pulled back and caught his breath before he said, “No, Tedson, I haven’t. What I have done is tell this little beauty exactly what I would do the second her no oral clause was void. She has a good memory for details.”

“And so she does.”

“Thank you, s-” Rachel’s gratitude ended on a sharp gasp as Scott returned, his tongue penetrating her deep. She squirmed against him and keened in her throat. The man loved anal, and she loved him for it.

Someone flicked her left nipple, making Rachel yip and jut out her breasts for more. The person flicked her right nipple. Back and forth. One then the other. Each sharp contact drew a short, high-pitched moan from Rachel.

She went into sensory overload when a hot mouth pressed against her lower lips and engaged her pussy in a deep, sensual kiss. Rough, thick fingers gripped her thighs as the man pressed his mouth closer. His tongue swept from the hood of Rachel’s clit to her twitching, slick pussy entrance.

If not for her ankles being cuffed to the pole holding her legs open, she would have wrapped her thighs around the man’s shoulders so she could hold him close. This was what she had missed. An entire year in an office with men and women who took advantage of Rachel’s presence at every free moment, but none had been allowed to eat her pussy like the man before her now.