Manga Review: Shinshoku Kiss

Shinshoku Kiss by Kazuko Higashiyama

Publisher: TokyoPop (defunct)
Price: $9.99
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Light Romance, Shoujo
Themes: High School, Doll Making, Celestial Maidens
Rating: Older Teen 16+
Volumes: 2
– 978-1427803078
– 978-1427804860

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my manga library.

Basic Premise:
Kotoko Kashiwagi wants to be a great doll maker like Fool, the top doll maker in all of Japan. She enters doll making competitions and though she doesn’t win, her creation garners a personal note from Fool himself urging her to continue working hard. She sets out to do just that, taking pictures of beautiful people so she can recreate them as dolls. One man is perfect from head to toe but before she gets the chance to ask permissions to take his picture he’s whisking her away to a weird warehouse where she meets… Fool!? And he wants her to be his apprentice?!!! It’s a dream come true except it comes with a really big catch one that can’t be denied just like Fool’s offer.

I liked it. The story began quickly, moved along at a good pace, and answered all questions in the two volumes without feeling rushed or leaving anything unanswered. I loved Takuto, but then I think that was the aim of Higashiyama-sensei. Who wouldn’t like a good looking, quiet man who is obedient and only eats flowers?

I would have loved for the story to be longer. It doesn’t need to be, as I said before but it could have been if the author had felt like it. All-in-all, a good, quick read that is emotionally charged.

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