LASR 5 Star Review: Or Current Resident by Zenobia Renquist

Ginger from Long and the Short of It Reviews gave Or Current Resident 5 Stars! “This is a spicy and tantalizing short read that took a vivid and sexual imagination. This is one satisfying book you wouldn’t want to miss.” Read the full review:

YGRR 3.5 Star Review for Or Current Resident by Zenobia Renquist

Clit clips, jewel-based anal plugs, blowjobs in public, sex on the middle of a crowded club dance floor…and it wasn’t smutty enough for this reviewer. Rachel gives 3.5 Stars to Or Current Resident: “Cheyenne and August made a lovely couple and the chemistry between them was nice. I also liked …

NOR 4 Star Review for CREAM by Zenobia Renquist

Beth Hardy of Nightowl Reviews Erotic gives CREAM (On the Hunt) 4 Stars! “I enjoyed the banter between Jeliyah and Teaghan. The world they live in was very interesting… I recommend this to those who like fantasy/paranormal romance.” Full Review:

BadBarb Review: Overflow by Zenobia Renquist

BadBarb has put up the first review for Wet: Overflow… “Fans of Zenobia Renquist will love WET:OVERFLOW as much as I did and those that have not read her before will be scrambling for her backlist. I cannot wait to see what she has coming out next.” Read full review

Manga Review: Breath by Chifumi Ochi

Breath by Chifumi Ochi Publisher: Yaoi Generation Price: $12.99 Genre: Contemporary, Yaoi, Romance, Drama Themes: Brother complex, hidden lovers Rating: Mature 18+ Volumes: 5 Volumes ISBN: 978-0-9821880-0-2 978-0-9821880-1-9 978-0-9821880-2-6 978-0-9821880-3-3 978-0-9821880-4-0 (Note: Picture taken with my Kodak camera of books from my manga library.) Basic Premise: Kohshi Yanagi just had …

Manga Review: Desire Sensibility

Desire Sensibility by Souta Narazaki Publisher: DMP June Price: $12.95 Genre: Contemporary, Yaoi, Romance Themes: Co-workers, Supervisor-employee, first gay love Rating: Mature 18+ Volumes: 1 Volume ISBN: 978-1-56970-075-4 (Note: Picture taken with my iPhone camera of a book from my manga library.) Basic Premise: Mitsuhara Kosugi is a part-time employee …

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