Manga Review: Pet On Duty

Pet On Duty by Nase Yamato

Publisher: Broccoli International USA, Inc – Boysenberry
Price: $11.99
Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 1
ISBN: 978-1-5974-1064-9

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my manga library.

Basic Premise:
One-shot Manga

Mizuki can’t seem to get his life in order. He turns to his brother for a place to live when he gets fired from his latest job and evicted. Unfortunately, his brother lives in a company dorm and can’t have visitors, let alone live-in guests. So, Mizuki must sneak in and out and becomes a sort-of pet to the residents of the fourth floor and their best kept secret.

While Mizuki tries his best to treat all the residents equally and not be a burden, he finds himself turning more and more towards Toru, the resident loner. Mizuki can’t seem to do anything right by Toru no matter how hard he tries. And this time he doesn’t plan to give up.

Sex Shown:
Kissing, tongue-action, pressed bodies, and insinuated penetration but no real penetration or genetalia shown. Pretty tame for a mature rating.

Mizuki is so cute. You can’t help but feel sorry for him in his struggles to gain Toru’s attention and affection.

I totally recommend this manga. The art is beautiful, the characters are believeable and lovable. I almost wish there was more so we could find out what happens to all the secondary characters. The story is one I can read again and again and do.

While I question the need for the mature rating, that in no way detracted from the story or my enjoyment of it.

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