Manga Review: Only Serious About You

Only Serious About You by Asou Kai

Publisher: DMP June
Price: $12.95
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Themes: Single Dad, Working Dad
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 2 Volumes
ISBNs: 978-1-56970-231-4 (vol 1); 978-1-56970-232-1 (vol 2)

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my manga library.

Basic Premise:
Naoki Oosawa is a single dad. After his wife walked out on him and their young daughter, he’s had to balance a grueling work schedule with being there for his child. Seiichi Yoshioka is an office worker who falls in and out of love often. When Yoshioka starts hitting on him, Oosawa is wary, as he should be. But there’s more to Yoshioka than a playboy. When Yoshioka shows his other sides, Oosawa might have no choice but to fall for him.

Sex Shown:
Kissing, groping, pressed bodies, suggestive positions, invisible penis

I may have found a new mangaka to follow. Kai-sensei presented a beautiful story. Oosawa is struggling to do everything on his own so his daughter can lead a happy laugh. Yoshioka just needs the right incentive to be the kind loving guy he’s always meant to be. Oosawa and his situation are tailor made for Yoshioka.

While some might think a child would make this story a turn off, Chizu played a pivotal part in bringing Oosawa and Yoshioka together. I can’t see how their relationship would have happened without her. Plus she added just the right of humor.

This story starts off sweet and then heads into spicy. It’s a romance with heart and I loved it.

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