Coming to Theaters: May 11

Coming to Theaters 11 May 2012

Dark Shadows (Comedy/Fantasy PG-13):
I hope actor Jonathan Frid got to see it before he died. Or actually, I hope he WANTED to see and got to see it before he died. I want to see it, but that’s because it’s Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. They’ve only let me down once (cough Alice in Wonderland cough) but I won’t hold that against them.

Where Do We Go Now? (Comedy/Drama PG-13):
Oh hell… only a few seconds into the trailer and they’ve already turned me off. It won awards at the Toronto Film Festival and Sundance. *sigh* Okay… I admit it looks cute. A Lebanese movie (yes, there are subtitles) about a single village divided in half by religion — one half is Christian, the other is Muslim — and the wacky solutions they come up with to co-exist while the world around them goes crazy. I may get it from Netflix when it comes out on DVD.

There are bunch of limited releases, but I’ve decided not to devote time to something that isn’t coming out for everyone… unless it’s anime. In which case, you all just have to put up with my obsession. 😛

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