Coming to Theaters 14 September

Just as a head’s up, I have been to the movies a few times in the past weeks but I just didn’t feel like writing movie reviews. I might phase them out of my blog routine along with the Movie-O-Meter in the sidebar. Or maybe it’s just because the summer movie season is winding down. We’ll see how my mood is after this weekend’s movies.

Coming to Theaters 14 September

Resident Evil: Retribution (Action, Horror, SciFi, Thriller – R)
I am THERE. Sure the third and fourth movies kind of sucked, but I’m willing to give them another chance because I love watching Milla Jovovich in action movies.

The Master (Drama – R)

Liberal Arts (Comedy, Drama)

Arbitrage (Drama, Thriller – R)

10 Years (Comedy, Drama, Romance – PG-13)

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