Writing Update: 07 September

I have done no writing the whole week long. None. I’ve been running around doing stuff related to book promotion and my RWA chapter. I also gave myself permission not to write this week, because next week is going to be brutal.

My hubby is going out of town for a week. I plan to use the time to binge write. From the moment I wake to the moment I pass out from mental exhaustion, I will be writing. I did it a few times in July, so I know what to expect. This time will be a whole week (or at least five days in a row). I’m sure I won’t be good for much once I’m done, but at least stuff will be written.

My online time will be sporadic and short. Probably just long enough to check mail and make sure the world didn’t end. I have a new release next week, but I plan to get everything set up for the promo of that title over the weekend so I can do it quickly and efficiently when the day comes.

I love having a plan in place. I’ll love it even more if the plan works out the way I want.

In later news, I’ve signed the contracts for WET: OVERFLOW, I NEED AN F, and FANTASY VS. REALITY. As soon as I get dates for those, I’ll post them on my site and this blog.

Next week’s update should have the normal daily word counts. We’ll see how the muse treats me.

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