Anime Review: Durarara!!


(also known as DRRR!!)
Series of novels by Ryohgo Narita adapted to anime and manga
Not Licensed in US, fan subs only
24 Episodes (DVD exclusive 25th ep)
Paranormal, High School, Drama, Horror, Suspense, Light Comedy, Light Romance

Basic Premise
Mikado Ryuugamine has just moved to Tokyo — Ikebukuro to be exact. He’s having to adjust to a big city from a little town and learn the ins and outs of dealing with the city’s many ecletic inhabitants. From a headless, black-clad motorcycle rider to a bartender who’d rather chuck a whole soda machine (full of soda) at you as look at you. It’s a wild ride, but Mikado seems up to challenge with the help of his old and new friends.

This series has a LOT of characters. It’s hard to keep them all straight at first. I was almost turned off by the sheer number of introductory characters. But, lacking anything else to watch, I decided to stick with it. I’m glad I did.

This is an anime that is about several different characters and a single narrator who all have different stories going until it all comes together at the end and you go “Ahhhhh! That’s why.”

It has elements of almost every genre. There is comedy (at least I laughed, but then I have a sick sense of humor). There is horror with a headless motorcycle rider wielding a scythe and an unknown slasher attacking people at random. There is most definitely drama with the typical high school hijinks and teachers who can’t keep their hands to themselves. And, I already mentioned the paranormal element. Most everyone should find something to endear them to this anime. Then again, that might be a turn off for some.

All the characters were three-dimensional. There were a few with some question marks but the majority of the characters were fleshed out throughout the series. Just when you think you know someone, you learn more about them and that makes you like them more.

My favorite character from the beginning of the series until the end was Shizuo Heiwajima. I LOVE that man. He made the entire series friggin’ hilarious for me. He is a man who isn’t limited by the physical limitations of the human body. At a moment’s notice, he can call on inhuman amounts of strength through sheer will to do an insane amount of damage to whomever is dumb enough to get him angry. No one crosses him and those who do regret it.

I ended this series (at ep 24, hoping to see 25) wanting more… in a good way. I wanted it to keep going so I could see what comes next. But, as in all good things, it had to come to an end before they ruined it.

Overall, this series requires patience. People who liked Watchmen probably won’t have many issues with this series. I’m sorry I can’t give an anime reference. I’ve seen so many over so many years that I can’t think of an anime that compares.

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