Anime Review: Princess Lover

Princess Lover

12 episodes
Comedy, Harem Romance, High School

Basic Premise
Teppei Arima has lost his parents in a tragic accident. He is adopted by his maternal grandfather, the head of the Arima combine, which is the real power behind Japan’s economy. Teppei has to get used to life in a new school with new friends, a new fiancee, as well as figure out a plot that threatens to bring his new life to a halt.

Teppei is an interesting guy. He is a practitioner of kendo and takes life seriously despite his oblivious attitude towards most outward stimuli. He’s a likable character and it’s understandable why he ends up with a harem of four hot anime chicks clamoring for his attention.

Yuu is his maid. She’s the practical, gentle one. Sylvia is the fiancee in the arranged marriage. She’s a no-nonsense fencing savant who attacks life the way her sword attacks her opponents. Seika is the head of the society club and a lead fashion designer who sees a goal and plows towards it full steam ahead. And then there is Charlotte, the princess in the title. That’s all she is. She’s a complete waste of animation and a total TSTL heroine.

If the writers could have left Charlotte out of the plot, and just focused on Sylvia, Yuu, and Seika, it would have been a great anime. Heck, they didn’t even really need Seika since she just represented a Japanese version of Sylvia, who is European.

Through the whole anime, I was routing for Charlotte to disappear. I didn’t care if it was violent or incidental so long as she left. No such luck. Her inclusion halved the enjoyment of this anime greatly.

The feel of the anime was fun. The plot faded in and out and was easily forgotten until the writer remembered to mention it. The villain was half-assed and over dramatic. All in all, an anime to pass the time if you have nothing else better to watch.

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