Anime Review: Kobato


manga by CLAMP adapted to anime
Not licensed in US, fan subs only
24 episodes
Slice of Life, comedy, drama, romance, fantasy

Basic Premise
Kobato Hanato is a mysterious girl who has just appeared out of thin air… literally. She’s on a heavenly mission to mend the broken hearts of the people around her. Once she has mended enough broken hearts, she will receive her fondest wish. Many challenges face Kobato since the simplest things seem to elude her, but she has the help of Ioryogi, her guide who appears to be a stuffed animal (even though he isn’t).

I pretty much like anything CLAMP puts out, even if I am hesitant to watch it. Kobato was no exception. I liked it.

It’s presented in the usual CLAMP style and flair. There is an overall plot and an underlying plot that helps move the overall plot along. The characters are believable and loveable and you feel for them when things go wrong for them.

The part that I really loved were the cameos. You get a cameo from Shuichiro and Kohaku from Wish (even though the fansubbers kept mistaking Kohaku for a girl…ugh) and the men of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (which made me want to watch the show despite being very against it in the beginning. You’ll have to read the review for that one, once I finish watching it, to find out why). There is reference to another plot that I will have to track down just to find out what’s going on with Ioryogi and his friends.

Despite not having some of the back story on a few things, it was still entertaining and attention-grabbing. Fans of CLAMP will like this series. I actually wouldn’t mind sitting through it again if I had nothing else newer to watch.

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