Writing Update: 26 October

– FINISHING (19 October): I finished the second short story in the eight book series I have planned for Razor’s Edge. 3733 words. I might tweak it a little to tighten up some things (like I’ve been doing with book one) so that count could go up or down (though not by much). As soon as my sleep schedule (and a few other things) go back to normal, I’ll be able to get back into the bounty hunter story and finish it. Until then, the Razor’s Edge shorts are about all I’m mentally up to doing. At least I’m writing.

And as a sidenote, I mentioned in my 19 October update that I had written a bunch on this short story while I was at the end of my mental rope and figured I might have to edit it a lot. I ended up axing a huge chunk (like 90% of it) of what I originally wrote and went in a different direction. Worked out for the best since I finished it.

– WRITING (20 October): I’m back! 4093 words on the bounty hunter story today. While I like to reserve the weekends for getting ahead on my promotional stuff so I can focus on writing during the week, I was eager to get back on track. This story is going waaaaaaay off where I originally wanted it, but I don’t care. This is part of the fun of being a pantser. The story changes and evolves as I write. I go where the characters take me and enjoy the journey. I know the general plot and how the book will end. How the characters get to end is entirely up to them.

– PLOTTING & FINISHING (22 October): Last night I plotted a full novella for yet ANOTHER flash fiction. Yeesh. Those things get me every time. I thought this flash fiction might be my first Paranormal Razor, but it evolved into a normal Changeling release. So normal it shall stand. Even more, it looks like I’m aiming for the new Soul Debt multi-author series. That’ll be two stories I have lined up for that series.

Also, I finished another of the eight-story shorts I have aimed for Razor’s Edge. This one is the longest at 5079 words and I blame that on it being the last. Yup. I wrote the last of the series and I haven’t even written the middle books yet. Inspiration hit and I went with it. The books are mostly stand alone (same main character) so it’s not that big of a deal. That also means I didn’t put words on my bounty hunter story today. I’ll see how tomorrow looks for that.

– WRITING (24 October): I don’t know where this story is headed any longer. I knew where I wanted it to go when I started, but the more I write the further away from that it gets. 😛 Today’s count on the bounty hunter story was 7184 words. I’m almost to 30K and I’m thinking the book won’t stop there. I gotta wrap up the plot, after all. 😛

– WRITING… A LOT (25 October): I grossed 8238 words today but not all on the same story. Inspiration hit (yeah, it does that often) so I had to put down words on two different books in the 8-book Razor’s Edge series I’m doing. Book Three (3516 words) and Book Four (3272 words) aren’t finished yet but they are close to it. I just need to add beginnings to both and wrap up the ends.

I started Book Three and only meant to write a little on it (get the idea down and come back later) before jumping over to my bounty hunter story. But then the muse kept going and I ended up starting and mostly finishing Book Four. I did put 1450 words on the bounty hunter story and managed to write myself out of the hole I dug. The main characters are having a lover’s quarrel at the moment. I figure working together to kill someone who ruined both their lives should help solve it. Nothing like makeup sex after joint homicide. *eg*

This weekend is Coyote Con (online convention where I’m presenting panels) PLUS Cloud Atlas and Silent Hill came out, so I don’t know how much writing I’m going to do. The muse is running hot, so she might not let me go a full day without writing something.


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