Writing Update: 14 December

– FINISHED (07 December): The 8-book short story series I have targeted for Razor’s Edge Press is finished. Completely and totally finished. The stories range from approximately 3300 words to 5300 words. Hopefully that’s it for Razor’s Edge for a while. Though I know my muse and that’s probably not the case. 😛

– 3D RENDERING (08 December AM): Here’s a new heading. I recently got and started using Daz Studio 3D 4.5. I had 4.0 but I never really got into using it. Since they upgraded to 4.5, I figured I should go to the new since I hadn’t started using the old. I spent a chuck of money getting characters and some accessories and I’ve been going to town.

My plan is to use the program to create promotional images for my books, like Romance Trading Cards and such. Why pay for stock photos everyone is using when I can just create my own 3D art originals, right?

One of the things I really love about Daz3D is the ability to pose my characters (usually hero and heroine) so I can see how their bodies interact. And I don’t just mean that in a sexual way. I mean like the hero standing behind the heroine — the location of his hips as compared to hers and how far he would have to hunch over if he wanted to hug her shoulders. Just simple stuff like that.

Being able to actually see it, as opposed to depending on my imagination and hoping I have it right, is so great. Even if I do nothing else with the program, just being able to pose my characters (after giving them the right body types) is priceless.

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