Post of Randomness and Excuses

As anyone who is following my blog has noticed, I’ve been missing days and late posting and all sorts of wackiness this last week or so. Part of that is due to the move from Blogger to WordPress (hosted) and the other part is due to me being distracted easily.

There’s no Saturday Sound Off today because I got distracted with Filemaker Pro — a databasing program I’m using to track my royalties. It’s a great program, though it has a steep learning curve. I spent most of Friday learning how to use it.

I love it to bits. It makes interfacing with my information sooooo much easier. I plan to create a database for my characters as well — names, descriptions, where they appeared — just so I can keep everyone straight. I also don’t want to reuse names and have people thinking a bit character is skipping around books, because s/he isn’t. 😛

Beyond updating all three of my blogs with appropriate tags (which is a project that will take weeks, if not months), I’m back to normal operations… I think. The blog should be back on schedule starting with Excerpt Sunday tomorrow.

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