Writing Update: 12 May 2012

I told Twitter and FB, but I forgot to post it to my blog. 😛

As of 3:30PM (ish) HST on 12 May 2012, I have accomplished writing. *big smile* The doing of which has wiped me out. I’m done. I need a few days to recoup before I can look at another book. Either that or stiff drink and trip to the movies. You know. Which ever comes first.

I’m going to do this timeline style, because I’m lazy.

27 April
I dropped 6K on a short novella for intended for Razor’s Edge Press. I didn’t even know I was going to write the stupid story until I started typing. Nothing but a scenario and a lot of free time. And it turned into a sequel for the other short I wrote for Razor’s Edge Press that comes out in July.

07 May
Started on the finale for Caveat Emptor, which will feature all three couples from the series. This is book seven that is slated to come out in June. I had originally put words on it (about 1K) the day before but ended up not liking what I wrote, so I scrapped it all and started over. I got Chapter One and the start of Chapter Two finished.

08 May (early)
I finished Chapter Two and started Chapter Three with an end of the day word count of 5400.

08 May (late)

I decided to go back for more and upped my end of the day word count to 8800 with Chapter Three finished and starting Chapter Four.

09 May (early)
My muse was on fire. I cleared Chapter Four and started Chapter Five with an end of day word count of 11,770.

09 May (late)
And again, I revisited the book when I thought I was done for the day. This time I finished up with a word count of 13,370 and ready to start the last chapter.

10 May
First home stretch. The prose is complete. All the chapters are written with a word count of 15,690. I just have to go back and put in the sex scenes as well as check a few facts against the first six books.

11 May
I’ve started putting the sex into my latest erotic romance title. For those who don’t know, I always save the sex for last. I would rather write it all at once. That helps to keep from repeating myself. My end of the day word count boosted the story up to 19,010.

Sidenote: the hubby came back from his three week TDY in CO today, which would have distracted me from writing but the ultra-VIVID, weird ass dream I had got to me first. Most people would call what I had a nightmare. If I was normal, I would call it that too. I was too busy picking it apart — like why use a beeper to call for help when you have a friggin’ cell phone? Do people even still have beepers? And I didn’t know you could send text messages that were five pages long. Plus this was one of those dreams where you wake up and are happy you’re safe in bed, but when you fall back asleep it picks up right where it left off. So that wiped me out and there was no more writing for me that day.

12 May (TODAY)
FINISHED!! Not only am I finished. I am REALLY finished. The finale for the Caveat Emptor series is complete at a little over 20K. I want to give it one more read through before I send it off, but it is done. And I guess to make up for yesterday and my wacky dream, my muse also tossed in some bonus material in the form of THREE free reads (Changeling Press calls them Encounters) that are each 1K. Actually one was close to 1300 words, but I averaged them out. That’s one free read for each couple in the Caveat Emptor series. I’ll be sitting on those until after the finale comes out. But they are finished. I also did some editing on my short for Razor’s Edge, which upped the word count a little.

So let’s recap:
– 7K short for Razor’s Edge Press – DONE!
– 20K novella for Changeling Press (finale for Caveat Emptor series) – DONE!
– Three 1+K free reads (Encounters for Changeling Press) that are tied to the Caveat Emptor series – DONE!
– My muse – DONE!
– Me – Recuperating.

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