Writing Update: 10 August 2012

Woohoo. I have stuff to write about. If my writing update posts seem a bit disjointed in the Fridays to come, it’s because I’m writing them during the week as stuff happens. You probably won’t even notice. So forget I said anything.

On with the show.

– WRITING (04 August): So I thought Friday (03 Aug) and Saturday (04 Aug) would be non-writing days for me since I would be doing stuff with friends and the hubby on both days. Uh yeah… the muse doesn’t like excuses like that. After a nap to recharge, I put a little over 5000 words on one of the Guardian’s Tales stories.

I say “one of” and not “next” because I hadn’t planned for this book to be next. The books in the GT series don’t follow a particular order since they are only loosely related. It’s pretty much whoever reaches the finish line first gets published next. We’ll see what my muse has to say in the days to come.

Meanwhile, I was supposed to be working on the spin-off to the Caveat Emptor series. My muse jumping around like this (no, I have no control in this. I go where the muse tells me) is the main reason I have so many unfinished novels. I’m working on that though.

– FINISHED (05 August): I started and finished a 7700 word short story for Razor’s Edge Press today. Inspiration hit and I went with it. It’s titled FANTASY VS. REALITY and about a woman who has a hard time getting through a business party without daydreaming about people doing naughty stuff to her. Don’t even ask me where the idea for that came from. My mind goes to strange places when I get enough sleep.

Again not what I’m supposed to be working on, but at least I’m writing so I won’t complain. 😛

– SUBMITTED (06 August): This was a non-writing day so I could get stuff submitted. The three Encounters (free short, short stories) that I finished on 12 May have now been submitted. I was waiting for ETERNAL LOVERS to be released. Those three free shorts should show up in the next Changeling eZine and then on All Romance eBooks shortly thereafter.

I also submitted DECORATING SPIRIT, my Christmas short story for the Changeling Press Santa’s Helpers multi-author series, FANTASY VS. REALITY a Razor’s Edge contemporary erotica piece, and I NEED AN F another Razor’s Edge erotica piece based on a drinking game.

All that’s left is to do the final tweaks on my two novellas for the Wet multi-author series and I’ll switch gears to my novel.

– SUBMITTED (07 August): Another non-writing day so I could run errands and get stuff tweaked and submitted. UNDERCURRENT and OVERFLOW, books in the multi-author series Wet, are now with my editor. As you can probably tell from the titles, the books are related. OVERFLOW is a direct sequel (takes place a few months later) to UNDERCURRENT.

– WRITING (08 August): 875 words on SERENITY sequel today. This is slow going. Ugh. Rather than finding it hard to switch between books (never had an issue with that), I’m finding it hard to switch between novella (short) and novel (long) mode. Novellas have to be quick and to the point, which means cutting out a lot of introspection and character/plot build-up (as well as sub-plots) so the story gets to the point before you run out of words. Novels are the exact opposite. An author can take time to explore feelings and build the characters and plot over several chapters.

It’ll get there, but it might take longer than I originally thought. Especially if I’m putting less than a 1000 words on the book each day. Maybe this is a temporary hiccup while my brain switches gears. Here’s hoping I can get into novel mode soon so I can get this book finished.

– CONTRACTED (08 August): Since I started the whole headings and dates thing, I figured I should keep going with it to keep things uniform even though it’s the same day. Anywho. UNDERCURRENT is contracted and on the Changeling Press coming soon page. It’s due out 14 September (which 13 September in Changeling Press time :P).

– NON-WRITING DAY (09 August): I knew today would be a non-writing day before I went to bed last night. I called it too. I was in a mood. No way around it so I figured I would just give in and ride it out. They go away faster that way. Lo and behold, me lazing in bed actually helped me figure out a story hurdle for the SERENITY sequel. In a dream no less. I’m not used to my dreams being that coherent and making that much sense. I’m also not used to my dreams still making sense after I wake up and think about them. But this idea totally works. I jotted down some notes so I can get to writing once I’m over my funk. 😀

This week has been pretty productive. Let’s see what next week holds as I switch from novella to novel mode and try to get this SERENITY sequel in the bag. I want this book finished so badly. Not only to get it finished and published but so I can work on the other novels calling to me. Ah my writing queue… never finished… and that’s not a bad thing. Better to have a queue than not.

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