Writing Advice: Description

I’m not going to preach too much on this because lord knows my description-writing skills need work. I will say this, YOU ARE NOT BEING PAID BY THE WORD!

Seriously folks, I don’t need to know every single little detail about everything your character sees and feels. I especially don’t need to know it in one long paragraph info dump.

Spread it out. Describe what’s pertinent for the moment so long as it doesn’t slow down the momentum of the story.

And remember, writers mention things for a reason. If you’re going to spend words describing how fabulous someone’s car looks, it better be because that car is about to get totaled or be engaged in a high-speed car chase or one of the characters has a major car fetish. Otherwise, you’re just wasting words and the reader’s time with information they care nothing about.

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  1. Hallelujiah (I'm sure I just spelled that wrong, brain is not working tonight). I just finished a book that had lots of action….unfortunately there was way toooooo many discussions and character thoughts about politics….lots of it. I ended up skimming huge parts of the book and almost gave up reading a few times. Will not be picking up the third in the series, even though I did enjoy the action and the characters, along with their dialog. two out of three is usually good, but that endless political detail just about cancelled out the good parts.

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