Wednesday Haul #7

Well, I said in the last Wednesday Haul post I wouldn’t have anything to report for 16 April since I was in Pittsburgh at the Romantic Times Convention. I went and I really shall post about that soon, I promise. 🙂

Anywho, I went to the comic shop today and didn’t get that much. That means next week I should be slammed.

Wednesday Haul #7 – 23 April 2008

Thirsty For Love (yaoi, drama – Mature 18+)
A.I. Revolution #3 (shoujo – OT 16+)
Hana Kimi #23 FINAL VOLUME (shoujo, drama, romance – OT 16+)

I shall be posting a review of Hana Kimi in the somewhat near future (got lots to do) as the series is finished. I stopped reading around volume ten because Viz slowed down the release schedule. I kept getting it with the idea of reading the whole thing from beginning to end once the final volume released (I’ve done the same thing with a few other series I’m collecting). Well, that’s happened and I shall start and then give my opinion at the end.

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