Q&A: Kindle or Nook?

Okay, to start this off, this is NOT a quest for suggestions. I know what I’m getting. I’m just wondering why everyone got the one they got?

Back when I first started buying ebooks, I bought Mobipocket PRCs. Amazon bought out Mobipocket, took over their format, and then shut them down. Now the only reader that’ll read PRC is the Kindle. Since the majority of my library is PRC, I will be getting a Kindle (don’t have one yet).

I was originally leaning toward just getting an iPad so I wouldn’t be limited by one reader and it’s format over another. However, the Kindle is cheaper than an iPad. And the Kindle Fire does a lot of what the iPad does.

What about you? Kindle? Nook? Kobo? Or something else entirely?


  1. I'm a Kindle girl. Started with the original and now have a Fire. Why did I go with the Kindle originally? I'd already been a long time customer of Amazon and loved their service. When it time came for an e-reader, I didn't need to look any further!

  2. I love, love, love my Kindle reader (w/ the keyboard). It is easy to read on. The page looks loke a page from a book and you don't get eye strain. My Kindle is extremely lightweight and the size of it is easy to handle. I read a lot at the gym and my hands don't get tired when I hold the reader.

    I read on a friends Fire and didn't like it as much. The page was harder to read and too contrasty. Plus it was heavy in my hands.

    The Ipad is in a class by itsself in that it has more options and apps. The display is gorgeous. It is an awkward size to hold for reading but the size works for other applications.

    If you are reading and want a delightful experience, I say go for the less expensive Kindle w/ the keyboard (I think it's a Kindle 3). If you think you'll be reading magazines as well as books, then go with the Fire. If you will read books, magazines and you want more Apps, then go with the Ipad.

  3. Mae – I'm off and on about Amazon, depending on the topic. They've done some stuff in the past that's ticked me off. BUT they are only online store that'll ship free to Hawaii (so long as I buy over $25 worth of stuff) without me buying a membership. So yeah… Kindle.

    Monique – I'm firmly in the Kindle camp. The hubby has an iPad and I know I wouldn't use it nearly as much as he uses his. I barely use my iPhone. 😛 So I'll stick with the Kindle since it is the cheaper of the two. I doubt I'll be playing many games on it, I'm not a magazine reader, and most Apps I can get on my phone… when I get them.

    Thanks for the input you two. 😀

    ~ Renee

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