Q&A: Favorite Disney Animated Movie?

I’m making the distinction of ANIMATED so someone doesn’t pop off with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or something like that. I love animation and that’s what this question is all about.


So far as I’m concerned, nothing in Disney’s past and (at the rate they’re going) nothing in Disney’s future will ever surpass Beauty and the Beast for me. It’s my absolute favorite fairy tale. My romance novels fall into that theme more often than not. And I loved all the songs from the Disney feature.

What’s your favorite Disney animated feature film?

Sidenote: I was kind of peeved when Beast changed human. And I still laugh at the fact that they forgot to name him. 😛


  1. Me:

    I think the Beast, in human form, is ugly! He's hot as a beast, but DAMN… that nose in human form?!

    My favorite would be Little Mermaid closely followed by Beauty and the Beast.


  2. Lea – Yeah, his nose did look a little off. And he also looking like horrible kisser. 😛

    Mae – Lion King is beautiful but still my fav. Plus I can't get over the incest aspect of it. Same issue I have with Bambi too.

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