New Addiction: Cake Mania – Lights, Camera, Action

Okay, I have a new addiction. I don’t need a new addiction right now but here it is.

Cake Mania: Lights, Camera, Action! [Game Download]Cake Mania – Lights, Camera, Action!

This is the latest installment in the Cake Mania franchise. I swear, these games get better and better with each new installment.

You can sell back equipment if you no longer want it or just really need the money. Of course you don’t get the same amount you paid for it but it’s still close.

Relaxed Mode
Now you don’t have to worry about failing a mission because the customers are too impatient. In relaxed mode, you play until you reach the goal. No stress.

Risha’s Boutique and Gordo’s Italian Restuarant
Sick of baking cakes? Then let’s head over to Risha’s place and help customers shop for the latest fashions. This is a scavenger hunt (no baking involved). Find the clothes the customers ask for and they give you money. Not up for a scavenger hunt but you want some baking that isn’t so hurry-up-and-wait? Head over to Gordo’s Italian Restuarant. You make pizza, lasgna, or baked eggplant (and probably more dishes, I haven’t gotten that far due to time constraints) to order. All you do is compile the ingredients. That’s it. The baking is done automatically and the customer picks up the food themselves.

New Customers
There’s a movie being filmed in Jill’s hometown (hence the game title) and that means characters with character. From the woman who turns the customers into mimes that change their order to the ninja who shadow-freezes people so you can’t fill their order. It’s fun interacting with these new challenges. And yes, the klepto-customer is back, but only in timed mode.

There aren’t many. Just one that I’ve found. Relaxed mode is more relaxing and makes the level less stressful. BUT, you can’t achieve Superstar status. As soon as you hit your monetary goal, the level ends, even if you are in the middle of filling an order. The second you collect the cash and hit the goal, that’s it.

All in all a great game. My fav is Gordo’s restuarant even if playing it makes me soooooo hungry that I want to eat the screen. Risha’s boutique is a great way to hone my “search” skills. And, of course, you just have to love baking a cake every now and again.

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  1. Major Note/Warning:
    Risha's Boutique has LIMITED QUANTITIES. That's right. If you sell out of an item, it is gone. That won't stop the customers from asking for it though. This will result in a disgruntled customer and a lost sale.

    Possible Solution:
    For customers who come in asking for a specific color item (example: 3 x Pink), don't give them all the same item unless you have a lot of it. And even then I would be cautious about giving them all the same item.

    Gordo's Pizza Advice:
    If the movie star comes in, make her wait (her patience is actually pretty high) or (if you haven't started making the other orders yet) take her order and then everyone will have the same thing and you can power through their orders quickly by making three or four of the same item all at once. This also equals out to a chain bonus.

    That's my two cents. I've cleared Gordo and Risha. I'm currently on level 11 in the Bakery.

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