Movie Review: Brave


Release: 22 June 2012
Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson
Director: Mark Andrews, Brenda Chapman and Steve Purcell
Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure
Length: 100 min.
Rating: PG

Change your fate.

Basic Premise:
Merida is the princess of the kingdom who is soon to be betrothed, except she doesn’t want to be married. She wants to be free to lead her life the way she wants it not the way her mother wants it. Merida is given a chance to change her fate through magic, but she forgot to heed the age old adage of being careful what she wishes for.

Pixar Short Review:
La Luna was the name of the short before this Pixar film. I love, LOVE Pixar’s shorts. This one was no exception. The grandfather, the father and the son. Two generations trying to pass on the family trade to the next, arguing the whole while. It wasn’t clear what the job was until the very end. It was very clever.

Movie Review:
Comedy, adventure, action, mystery, mysticism, drama and coming of age. This movie had them all and then some. Highly enjoyable. It even made me cry. Any movie that drags me into the characters’ lives enough to make me cry is always a winner in my mind.

Merida is a strong-willed young woman who knows what she wants out of life. And what she wants isn’t what her mother wants. I appreciate that Pixar didn’t make her mother evil. Queen Elinor is a mother who wants the best for her daughter even if Merida doesn’t see it that way.

This movie was about pride and tradition and the good and bad of both. I loved the resolution and the ending. My husband enjoyed this movie as well.

While I wasn’t in a movie theater full of kids, there were plenty in attendance. They stayed quiet the entire film, with the exception of maybe one or two minor interruptions. We’re talking little kids — the under seven set. Any movie that can hold the interest of a theater full of children and keep them quiet also gets my winner vote.

This is a film all ages can enjoy.


  1. Probably one of Pixar’s best-looking flicks, but not their best film at all. Has a great set-up, but then loses itself about half-way through and just got a little too kiddish for me. Then again, maybe some parents will like that and so will the kids, so who am I to judge? Good review Renee.

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