Manga Review: Time Lag

Time Lag by Shinobu Gothoh and Hotaru Odagiri

Publisher: DMP June
Price: $12.95
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Themes: High school
Rating: 16+
Volumes: 1
ISBNs: 1-56970-921-1

Note: Picture taken with my iPhone from my manga library.

Basic Premise:
Satoru Tendou has indulged in a one-sided love with his childhood friend Shirou Sawaguchi for years. Their freshman year of high school Satoru confessed his feelings and was immediately rejected. Satoru isn’t one to admit defeat easily and has confessed once a year since. It’s their senior year and they are both about to graduate. Satoru is thinking it’s about time he graduated from his unrequited love as well when a new suitor steps up to catch his attention.

Sex Shown:

This story is so totally sweet. Lost chances, mixed messages, and new love all rolled into one. You have to feel sorry for Satoru since he’s in a problem not of his own design. He doesn’t even know that he’s hurt Shirou badly and that’s why he’s being rejected.

And then, Seiichi comes into the picture hoping to sweep Satoru away since it’s obvious Shirou doesn’t want Satoru. I had to laugh when Shirou and Seiichi start vying for Satoru’s time and affection. Poor Satoru doesn’t get a word in edgewise.

I totally recommend this story for someone who wants a sweet, innocent romance.

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