End of Movie Reviews

Ever so often I phase out something on my blog. This time it’s movie reviews. I’m still going to the movies as often as I usually do, but I just don’t feel like writing reviews any longer. It’s easier to put a few lines of commentary in my FB status.

I might get the inclination to bust one out one day but not right now. Just so people don’t wonder where the movie reviews have gone, I decided to put up this post. As well, I wanted to post my final Top 10 list for my own records before I delete it out of the sidebar.

May – Aug 2012 Top 10
#1 – Avengers
#2 – The Amazing Spider-Man
#3 – Brave
#4 – Battleship
#5 – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
#6 – Magic Mike
#7 – Ted
#8 – Prometheus
#9 – Dark Shadows
#10 – Snow White and the Huntsman

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