Coming to Theaters: May 18

Coming to Theaters 18 May 2012

Battleship (Action/Thriller/SciFi – PG-13):
I live in Hawaii now. I’m almost obligated to go see this movie. Even if I wasn’t obligated, I would go see it. Beyond the plot, it just looks fun. And hello? Alexander Skarsgard. Duh.

Sidenote: I scheduled this post like a month ago, obviously before I saw the sneak peek and wrote my review. I thought about altering the post but decided to augment it instead. I would like to add that I do plan to go see Battleship again when it releases nationwide because it was a great movie and the hubby wants to see it.

Hysteria (Comedy/Romance – R):
I heard about this movie a while ago. I even posted the trailer on this blog. Well, I’m posting it again because I am going to see this movie. I’m just happy it’s actually coming to theaters. Since it’s a UK movie that I heard about August 2011, I thought for sure I would have to wait for DVD like Dorian Grey.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Comedy/Drama/Romance – PG-13):
This movie looks hilarious. However, it fails my requirement for spending money in the summer for a theater visit (ie – lots of special effects). But I will definitely get it from Netflix.

The Dictator (Comedy – PG-13?)
Oh… no. Absolutely not. I’m not a fan of this type of movie. Borat et al annoy me. So I’ll be missing this one.

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