Coming to Theaters 01 June

Coming To Theaters 01 June 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman (Action/Adventure, Drama, Fantasy – PG13):
Dude! I knew I was going to see this when I saw the teaser trailer. The storyline and effects look badass. It’s Snow White meets Joan of Arc. Or that’s how it looks from the trailers. Not even Kristen Stewart could turn me off this movie. Who knows. She might actually show some emotion. Definitely want to be there to see that.

Piranha 3DD (Comedy, Horror, Thriller – R):
Huge no. Matter of fact, Double D no. I can’t say no enough to this one. No. No. No. Hell no.

Battlefield America (Drama, Musical – PG13):
Thug life kids mixing it up in dance. Oh yeah. Let me rush out and see this. NOT!

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