Coming Soon ~ Her Fantasy Reality

As promised, the re-release of Fantasy vs Reality is coming soon. How soon? As soon as I finish edits, which should be in another week or possibly two. EDIT: Release date is 12 Feb 2016.

Her Fantasy Reality cover

Quick FAQ:

Question #1: Why is this title coming out before all the other titles that were reverted?
It was the easiest to turn around. The other reverted titles are series starters. As such, I want the series completed (or really close to completion) before I re-release the first books so I have definite release dates with pre-orders for the rest of the books.

Question #2: Is it the same book as before?
Nope. Fantasy vs Reality was 7700 words. Her Fantasy Reality is 11,000 words. I extended it, changed some stuff and re-edited it. The basic premise/plot is still the same but the story itself was heavily revised.

Question #3: Why does the book page say Kindle Unlimited?
Because I’m only re-releasing on Kindle Unlimited…for the first three months. I want to give KU a try and figured it would be safest with a title that was previously released. How Her Fantasy Reality does in KU will determine if it stays there after the first three months or if I move it to wide distribution.

Question #4: What’s next?
Next, I plan to work on a D. Renee Bagby story. So you’ll have to stop by that site in order to see news about that. Or you can keep an eye on the DZRB Books site for news about all my self-pub releases under any of my names.

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