Chp1 Online – Foxy: Once Was Lost

The full first chapter of Foxy: ONCE WAS LOST is now available online for your reading pleasure:

Also check out the first chapters of the other titles in the Foxy multi-author series set in Last Chance, Alaska:

FANDANGO by Shelby Morgen
So what do you do for entertainment in a town like this? If you’re Foxy, you entertain your big, beautiful bunny, Jessie. And there’s nothing Jessie loves more than dancing… unless it’s being chased by Foxy. And letting him catch her.

Zadine couldn’t believe he’d traveled all around the world to find his mates, only to end up with a face full of snow, but the twin mischief-makers Iluq and Atka are exactly what he was looking for. That is, if he can get past old betrayals and melt the hearts of two sly foxes who’re just out for a little fun.

GRIN AND BEAR IT by Cassidy McKay
When a sexy little fox-shifter with a secret comes to his town, he’s on the case and on her ass. She just might be the love he’s been looking for to make him “grin and bear it all” — if she doesn’t turn tail and run when he turns on the heat.

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