Manga Review: A Fallen Saint’s Kiss

A Fallen Saint’s Kiss by You Higashino

Publisher: 801 Media
Price: $15.95
Genre: Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Themes: High School, Teacher-Student, BDSM
Rating: Mature 18+
Volumes: 1 Volume
ISBN: 978-1-934129-49-4

Basic Premise:
Okano-sensei has a secret. He’s in a relationship with Tokiwa, one of his students. Not only that but the relationship is that of master and slave… with Okano-sensei as the slave.

Tokiwa plans to make sure he trains his sex slave, Okano-sensei, right.

Nishio and Yoshino are classmates. For some reason, Nishio can’t help but torment Yoshino sexually. It confuses him more that Yoshino let’s him.

Yoshino is uneasy about his relationship and is afraid Nishio might dump him, unless he can find a way to get his feelings across.

Shizuki doesn’t know why he hates Yamada-sensei. The teacher just rubs him the wrong way and Shizuki is bent on tormenting him, until Yamada-sensei turns the tables on him and teaches Shizuki what it really means to be tormented.

Okano-sensei and Tokiwa return to come together for the final time… or is it?

Sex Shown
Bondage, rape, forced pleasure, kissing, groping, toy insertion, pressed bodies, suggestive positions, penis outlines.

It’s not often I run into a manga I don’t enjoy. It happens, but not often. I’ve read other manga by Higashino-sensei and liked them well enough, but I won’t be keeping this title in my library. My lack of enjoyment more than likely stems from not enjoying the BDSM lifestyle and/or knowing much about it. I actually had to defer to a friend who is a trained domme to get her take on the story. Her review is below.

There are plenty of manga that tiptoe around the edge of BDSM but this one falls in head first. If you don’t know much about the lifestyle and/or don’t enjoy it then you might react the way I did to this particular story. For those who do like the lifestyle and the BDSM genre, this is probably a story you’ll enjoy.

Stephanie Burke Review:
Okay, Tokiwa is an all right top, in my opinion. He was funny as hell. He is using humiliation to control his slave, and keeps it up because Okano-sensei apparently likes it. But even Tokiwa’s sub chose him and the humiliation. Tokiwa doesn’t want anyone else to even know about his slave, protecting Okano-sensei in a way. Okano-sensei was heavy into humiliation and the lovingly degrading use of the word “faggot” along with the many situations he allowed Tokiwa to put him in showed that. But you can tell it’s a mental game because of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign Tokiwa placed on the bathroom door and the planned assault that his sub never knew about. I love the addendum where Tokiwa informed him that he was not letting him go just because he graduated. That boy is in it for the long haul. And it showed several times how Tokiwa cared by protecting Okano-sensei while he was being humiliated. That Out Of Order sign hanging on the door when he was fucking with his head was telling. *g*

Nishio is an idiot. He comes off more abusive and self-centered than as a decent top. He looks like he needs someone to top him. He set out to humiliate Yoshino from the beginning with the lady’s underpants and then by just handing Yoshino over to Tokiwa, letting Tokiwa know that Yoshino was peeping. Then just the outright forcing the submission. That seemed tantamount to rape to me. I think that is what bothered me the most about Nishio. That and he was just a confused slut who didn’t know what he wanted. He was acting like a spoiled confused Sammy himself. He didn’t own his dominance like he felt he had. I agree that he was too afraid of being hurt and abandoned, but I think he was too afraid to be any good to anyone. Remember the bottom holds all the power in the relationship and he was behaving like a power bottom. LOL

Yamada-sensei, pure genius. Shizuki wanted to go to Yamada-sensei, who gave Shizuki options. No tricks involved at all. And Yamada-sensei trained his slave properly. That is willing submission. Yamada is the most powerful because he overcame his rape. He found himself attracted to his teacher and acted like a Sammy, you know, smart ass masochist, to get Yamada-sensei’s attention and went out of his way to get it. Then Shizuki protested at first when he was caught. But his teacher always put the ball in his court. He was told to come after school, but was not threatened to do so. In fact, I think that because Yamada-sensei didn’t retaliate for the pranks, Shizuki began to feel safe enough to do more. Then his teacher didn’t chase after him when he left. Going back was his whole idea, no manipulation needed. It was him willingly turning over power. And his teacher did protect him even thought he set Shizuki up for humiliation.

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