Checking In

Just as a head’s up, I didn’t get lazy with posting again. I had to drop something to accomplish other things, plus I had nothing to say. I still have nothing to say but I wanted everyone to know I was still around. 😛

I’ve seen my cover for Rite Men For Maya. As soon as I get the go ahead, I’ll spread it around for the world to see. It’s nice. I love it.

Remember there will be a release party at Cyber Launch. Also, the first chapter will be available at my promo blog, which is pretty good since the book is only six chapters long. 😀 One more week.

Speaking of one more week. Not counting this weekend (and I’m not), I have one more week at Wally World. I’ve got my happy dance all worked out. What’s more, I can celebrate with the collector’s edition, 3-disc blu-ray of Avatar that comes out 16 November. I was planning on getting the DVDs, but the blu-ray has more. Slowly but surely, they are making me convert whether I want to or not.

Happy Renee…. who is now off to bed, because I do still work at Wally World and have to go there tonight. *sigh*

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