Music: White & Nerdy

I love a good laugh and Weird Al is good for that. I have almost all of his albums. I have a playlist with the original songs and the parodies just so I can marvel at how great Weird Al is at his job. 😀 White and Nerdy ~ Weird …

Music & Lights: Grinch

I love this family. They go all out and their neighbors are really nice to let them do this insanity every year. 😀 Mr. GrinchLights by[youtube]

Music: Skyfall

I might not have written a movie review for Skyfall but it was an amazing movie. By far the best of the Daniel Craig Bond movies. It was a return to the original Bond concepts, even the stylistic opener. I truly enjoyed the movie and the theme song was fantastic. …

Music: We Belong Together

I never saw Tristan & Isolde but I’m glad it came out because it introduced me to Gavin DeGraw and this beautiful song that belongs on any Romance book soundtrack where the characters are destined. Since that’s most of my books, you can see why I love this song so …

Music: I Am the Body Beautiful

From the Too Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar soundtrack comes a self-esteem boost song that is a must play for me. “Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king.” I Am the Body Beautiful ~ Salt N Pepa