Busy Week

Okay. I gave up the coding. The thing I thought was simple became oh-so complicated once dumped into Website Tonight. I truly hate that interface. I’ll be happy to be rid of it in a few months when I move my site.

Anyway. I dropped the coding and went on to a puzzle I knew I could solve — my treadmill. It’s assembled. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it’s out of the box and waiting for me to walk all over it. 😛

On to the topic of the post. I have a busy week ahead of me. Just because I didn’t go to the Romantic Times Convention doesn’t mean I get to relax. Both The Romance Studio and Romance Junkies are throwing parties for those who stayed home.

Join me 07 April at noon EST until whenever the party stops on the Romance Junkies chat loop for fun, games, and tons of prizes. To find out what I’m giving away, you have to show up and play.

The Romance Studio is hosting a stay at home event on their party site. Again, more prizes to be had along with excerpts from all of the participating authors. That’s 06 April and 08-10 April. (Note: Festivities are on hold on the 7th for a release day event.)

Don’t miss out!


  1. @India – It wasn't that hard actually. I grew up with Legos. I love putting stuff together. I buy assemble-at-home furniture just for the satisfaction of putting it together. 😛

    I also buy 1500 piece puzzles of a moonlit night. 😀

    I actually plan to get some writing done while I'm walking. I have a shelf set up over the arms of the treadmill to hold my laptop while I type.

    ~ Renee

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