Alien Mate Experiment

Cover - Alien Mate Experiment

She's as alien to him as he is to her.

Semeera needs a plan for starting her life over. After divorcing a controlling husband, she’s ready to enjoy freedom at last. Too bad she gets abducted by aliens before she can decide her next move.

Captain Kader is an alien warrior trapped in a dead-end assignment where he will never see battle again. There are no more challenges to his life, no chances for glory. And then a dangerous experiment brings him an unexpected visitor who changes everything.

They are as different from each other as night and day, but those differences only entice Semeera and Kader into finding out just how physically compatible they are. What should have been a little fun causes the resurgence of a disease long thought extinguished.

If Semeera triggered it in Kader, will others succumb? And will the scientists be able to get past Kader to find out? Most importantly, can a beautiful black woman really love an alien male with scales, claws, and a tail?

Vampires and Cream

Cover: Vampires and Cream

Student loan debt and a lustful vampire are the least of her worries.

To pay off the expensive training Jeliyah received while becoming the strongest necromancer in her precinct, she has to team up with a centuries’ old vampire who dresses gangsta and loves the thrill of the kill. Hunting rogue vampires is the purpose of their partnership, but Teaghan seems more interested in getting Jeliyah into bed.

Both their priorities change when a lucrative hunt goes wrong and lands them on the rogue list. For their continued survival, Jeliyah must use forbidden magic that binds them together, strengthening her but also awakening desires she wants to deny. Running for her life is not the time to indulge in pleasure, but not indulging and giving in fully could be the thing that gets her killed.

Note: This title was previously published under the title CREAM.

Loving His Alien Gaze

Cover: Loving His Alien Gaze

He’s a silent observer from beyond the stars, and she loves him watching her.

Mbali is part of a human nature show, which is similar to an animal nature show, except Mbali is the one being observed day in and out… by aliens. She has no choice in the matter, and she is expected to go about her daily life as though the alien observers are not there. But one observer is stirring feelings in her she cannot deny, and she will not let him deny either.

Kiar is only supposed to observe the human. Nothing else. He would not be the first to grow an attachment or even harbor feelings of affection for his charge. However, he will not be the first to act on those feelings. No matter how enticing he finds Mbali, his career must come first. But his pride in a job well done may be the thing that costs him the love of a woman who is irreplaceable to him.

Note: This title was previously published as Acknowledging Meirion.

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