Anime Review: Katanagatari


12 episodes (one hour per episode)
Released January – December 2010 (one episode per month)

Basic Premise
Yasuri Shichika is the seventh head of the Kyoutouryou school of martial arts — a form of fighting that turns the fighter into a living sword. Together with the Strategian Togame, he has been tasked to collect the twelve deviant blades of Shikizaki Kiki — swords so powerful that each blade is wholly unique in the world and the power of the blade takes over the user — in order to secure the future, and the past, of Japan from those who would use the blades for corrupt purposes.

This anime hooked me from the very first hour long episode. I saw the promotional image and read the synopsis when it first released in January 2010 and decided to pass. A few months later, out of sheer boredom and need for a new anime to watch, I started the series.

I am very happy I held off watching it as long as I did, because I discovered the series only released one episode a month. I was able to watch several episodes all at once, which I enjoyed.

The last episode recently released, wrapping up the entire series. I am in awe. I thought the last episode would make me angry but I found myself loving it and the entire series. Action, comedy, romance, suspense, intrigue, magic, tragedy, drama — you name it, this anime had it all. Once the collected DVD series releases, I plan to own it.

The art style of the anime has a simplistic grace that draws the eye. It’s almost like the creators made the art simple because the plot is so complicated. I’m still a little confused about certain things, but that confusion only gives me an excuse to watch the whole series over from the beginning.

While this anime boasted a great number of amazing characters, my favorite character is Nanami, Shichika’s sister. She is so powerful and so scary. I would love to write a character similar to her though I’m not totally sure what story (besides this one) could hold her. Of course, my second favorite after her is Shichika.

I have watched many anime this year. This one tops them all.

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