Writing Update: 30 November

It’s the end of November. For all those participating in NaNoWriMo (not me), I hope you succeeded in your goals and now have a brand new book to put out. Things were a little touch and go with me for the last two weeks. Just when I got back into the swing of writing, the holidays pushed me to dead halt again.

– WRITING (26 November): Put a little over 1000 words on my installment for the Forever Wicked multi-author Changeling Press series. It’s at 10,419 words now. All that’s left is to put in the sex scenes and then that’ll be done. Just in time for the deadline too.

– WRITING (27 November): 1370 words on my Forever Wicked installment. I would have done more but I had to stop spanking my hero so I could go do a live online chat with the other Changeling Press authors at Writerspace. I missed last month’s due to a date mix-up so I couldn’t miss this month’s as well. After that the hubby wanted to get out of the house. I guess I have to finish spanking my hero tomorrow, after I get back from registering my car.

– WRITING (28 November): 1767 words on my Forever Wicked installment. These sex scenes take a lot out of me. I thought I would finish up this story today, but that’s just not in the cards. Depending on my mood, I might be able to pick it up later tonight but I won’t hold my breath, not to mention I’ve got a ton of other stuff to do. Tomorrow is up in the air as well since I’m meeting with friends and running errands. Friday the hubby has off and we’re doing the movie thing.

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