Writing Update: 28 December

Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. 😀

– WRITING (22 Dec): 5416 words on the Serenity sequel today. I plugged three of the major gaps I left behind. I’ve got two more gaps left. They are tiny gaps that shouldn’t take that much. We’ll see when I’m finished writing them though.

– FINISHED (23 Dec): 3008 words later and the Serenity sequel is FINISHED! After a long struggle and lots of worry and self-doubt and more worry and procrastination and stalling, the book is DONE. This is like an early Christmas present to myself. I’m so happy I managed to get this done before 2013 like I wanted. The hard part is over. Now I just need to clean it up for submission, but that won’t be for a few days. I’m going to let the story percolate and then come back to it with fresh eyes so I can self-edit properly.

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