Writing Update: 28 April 2013

And this is the last Sunday Writing Update as the A to Z Challenge ends this week. The writing updates will go back to Fridays… assuming I’ve written anything during the week to post about. Since I’m getting ready to fly to the mainland and I have a wedding to attend this coming Saturday, I don’t think 03 May will have an update. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure it won’t.

In fact, except for the entry below, I probably won’t be writing much this week. I have reading to do for a contest and other prep to do for traveling. Time is flying.

22 April 2013 (Monday) – WRITING: My starting word count was 9004. I chopped 2166 and then added another 1076 to get a final word count of 7,914 which fits the new word count requirements Changeling Press implemented recently. My Halloween story is finished and in to my editor.

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