Writing Update: 24 August 2012

Here’s to another week…

– EDITS (18 August): I’ve finished the first round edits for UNDERCURRENT. Nothing too extensive. Just shuffling around some info and padding the ending. I have an issue with abrupt endings. I’m seeing that. It’s the major complaint with PET’S PLEASURE. I’ll have to keep an eye on that so it doesn’t happen or just start including epilogues with every story. I like epilogues. They are a little glimpse into the future to make sure the HEA stuck.

– WRITING (21 August): Well sort of. I put down 875 words, but I’m not happy with them. At least they are there though so I can edit them. Something is better than nothing.

– WRITING (22 August): I joked last night on FB that I exercise for the endorphins that feed my muse and help me write. The weight loss is just an added bonus. Well, that’s only a partial joke. I come up with more ideas while I’m working out (ie – walking on my treadmill) and after when I’m cooling down. And I write more the morning after I work out. Evidence. I put 4160 words on SERENITY sequel today. Still haven’t gotten through Chp3 but at least I got an important scene written. It’s a partial chapter. I need to slap the beginning on it and that’ll be done. Conclusion — I need to keep exercising. 😛

– WRITING (23 August): Not much of a writing day. More of a fix things day. I put down 300 new words and did a bunch of tweaks on stuff that was already there.

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