Writing Update: 19 July 2013

Back on track.

15 July
Trying to get Selected Lovers finished up, like I said I would. I put 4,418 words on it today. The word count is almost up to 17K. I had to add in a chapter to give some more depth the heroes. This will end up being the longest book in the Caveat Emptor series, but since it’s a one-shot spinoff, I figure that’s allowed.

And I came up with titles for the final two books in the Pre-Game Show series. Those two should be finished right after I focus on them again. There’s very little that needs doing in either. Just flesh out some scenes and then turn them over to my editor.

17 July
Selected Lovers got another 7,386 words. It’s now at 24,349 words with only a little bit more to go until it’s finished. I have to give the two heroes names, put in the heroine’s description, put a little more on the heroes’ descriptions, and then flesh out two or three sex scenes as well as tighten up the ending and I’m done. Not bad work for a story I started five days ago on 12 July.

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