Writing Update: 17 August 2012

Another week and more writing…

– WRITING (10 August): I’m going to keep these up just because it’s fun to go back and see my progress. I’m sure I’ll change my mind if I ever hit a period where I’m not writing. But that time isn’t now. 4000 words on SERENITY sequel and Chapter 4 is finished. I love that I finished Chp4 but I was more aiming at Chp3. Maybe tomorrow. I probably just needed to get Chp4 out of my system. It’s the way I write. I’ve learned to live with it.

– REALIZATION (15 August): Yes, I know. There’s a severe lack of updates for this update. That’s because I haven’t been writing. After a conversation with Flash (Stephanie Burke), I figured out my issue. I have a mental “disturbance” (block isn’t the right word and neither is “disturbance” but that’s as close as I can get) so far as the SERENITY sequel is concerned. The book is there and waiting to be written. I know exactly what’s going to happen and when and to whom. This book should have been finished months ago. But that’s where the disturbance comes in. I have an issue and I need to push past that issue to finish this story. The issue won’t be resolved (one way or the other) until I get the book finished and submitted. I’m also a little worried if the fans of SERENITY will like it, but that’s not why I’m finding it hard to write.

– WRITING (16 August): 8355 words on a story that isn’t the SERENITY sequel. A new plot came to me while I was lazing in bed. I had to get it written down before I forgot anything AND before it would let me go. So that’s done. I’ve got the basic gist of the story. It’s just a matter of filling in the spaces and it’ll be finished… later. This is just further proof that my issue with the SERENITY sequel is a mental block not a story block. Gonna push through it. No worries.

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