Writing Update: 15 February 2013

Another week and more to write about. 😀

08 February (Fri) – 5,654 words on the Soul Debt: Or Current Resident novella. Current word count is 24,171 words, which is over the 23K I predicted in my last update. And I still need to add three sex scenes (very involved sex scenes), so this book might hit 26K or 27K. I’ll know for sure when I finish.

10 February (Sun) – As I thought, there was no writing to be done on yesterday (Saturday). The Chinese new year celebrating at PF Chang’s took a lot out of me and I couldn’t do much more than stare at my computer and do busy work. But I made up for it today. I wrote LOTS of free sex — the best kind — ie Encounters for Changeling. Chamomile Nights: Honeymoon Suite (1,336 words) out this month, Bell and Collar: Begging (1,465 words) out in March, and Or Current Resident: Appraisal (1,490 words) out in June.

Yes, I wrote an Encounter for a story that isn’t even finished yet. It came to me and I went with it. That’s how I work. I still have to write the sex scenes to finish off Soul Debt: Or Current Resident, but that’s tomorrow. I was on deadline for an Encounter if I wanted one to be out this month. And I did. My plan is to have one Encounter for each of my Changeling (not Razor) titles — or characters in case of the Caveat Emptor Series and the Wet Series. One a month until I catch up and then one Encounter per title following the release of that title.

So that was roughly 4,291 words today. Actually, it was more like 5,000+ if you count all the words I deleted. 😛 I thought for sure Or Current Resident: Appraisal wouldn’t be long enough, given the subject matter. When I got finished, it was over two thousands words and I was like, “Oh crap. Gotta cut something.” Changeling Encounters are maxed out at 1,500 words. Any longer and I have to turn it into a release for sale. 😛

And then Bell and Collar: Begging did the same thing to me, though not as much. I finished at 1,530 words and had to cut a few sentences to make it fit. But that’s what happens when I get into a scene. I start writing and suddenly I’m 2K into a sex scene that’s no where near the orgasm, but the characters sure are enjoying themselves. Teehee. Hopefully that lightning will strike again tomorrow and I can get Soul Debt: Or Current Resident finished and off to my editor. Then it’s on to the next.

11 February (Monday) – 2043 words on Soul Debt: Or Current Resident. Alllllllmost finished. I knocked out two of the three sex scenes and tweaked one of the existing ones. The big, climatic (teehee) sex scene is yet to come (more teehee). I didn’t want to write it tired since there’s going to be a lot going on and I want it to be perfect. So I’m going to get some rest and then tackle it in the morning.

After I finish the final sex scene, assuming I’m not too wiped out, I will go back and check the ones I wrote today. Give them a few tweaks and then make sure everything with the story checks out and looks right. So one or two more days and it’s off to my editor… well I gotta write the tag line and blurb too, then it’s off to my editor. The day after all that it’s on to the next and I won’t look at Soul Debt: Or Current Resident until it’s time for edits.

12 February (Tuesday) – Today’s word count is 2229. I should have added an extra word to make it even. 😛 Anywho, Soul Debt: Or Current Resident is complete at 27,858 words. I have to do one final read through (tomorrow) and then it’s off to my editor. AS I figured, I’m too wiped out to check anything after all that sex and emotional upheaval (it was a really big scene). But that’s all good. I can do the final read through tomorrow and tweak everything all at once rather than doing it in chunks.

The next book on my list (no title yet but I’m trying to figure one out) is already talking to me. I located the models for the hero and heroine (love them!) and they’ve been yapping at me ever since. I guess this book wants to really be written. Hopefully I’ll keep the momentum so I can make the 01 March deadline at Ellora’s Cave. I’ll give it to them regardless but it would be nice to be included in the Curve Appeal Series.

13 February (Wednesday) – Early this morning — I’m talking 2AM, in bed, ready to close my eyes — I had to pull out my ipad and put words on my Ellora’s Cave title. It wouldn’t leave me alone and I wanted to sleep. Head under the covers so I didn’t disturb the hubby, I sat tapping away at the ipad keyboard until I put 662 words (and made some world notes) on this new story. Friggin’ impatient characters. 😛 Well better than them not talking at all, right?

So that story, which has no title, is started. I already have the character’s named (which is really rare for me at this stage), I have their models chosen so I know how they look, I know their attitudes and a little about their backgrounds, and I have a basic plot idea. This story shouldn’t take long… unless my muse throws a plot twist at me mid-book. That’s what happened with On the Hunt: CREAM so I’m not discounting it with this one since they are set in the same world.

The final word count for Soul Debt: Or Current Resident is 27,911 words and it’s off to my editor. That story is complete. After a night with the hubby and some rest I can give the muse what she wants and start my next title.

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