Writing Update 13 Feb

“You haven’t updated your meter. WTF!!!?”

Oh, bless you for actually visiting my blog to check on my progress. I’d hug you but I don’t know where you’ve been… and the whole cyber space thing. 😛

I haven’t updated my meters because I no longer have a word goal for “Baby”. Really. It was supposed to be a quick, simple 30k story. It’s now clocking in at 83k (waaaaaaay more than the 60k I have on the meter) and I still have 4 chapters left to write.

So yes, I am almost finished. That is yippee-worthy news. BUT, my “day job” (remember I work nights, hence the quotes) has me too tired to do more than stumble in the door and stare blankly into space.

I’ll have more energy after tonight since this is my Friday. I’m aiming to get this bad boy finished so I can jump into my dragon story. It’s calling me hardcore but I want to finish one before I move on to another. A new work ethic I think will help me actually finish some books.

I only have one major issue so far as “Baby” is concerned… I have no clue what to call it. I need to come up with a title before I can submit it. As it is a Zen-Ren story, I can’t simply name it after the heroine like my DRB books. That’s a DRB foible so I want to keep the distinction. If the heroine’s name appears in the title, good. If not, I’m not too upset. I would just like a title… any title… so long as it isn’t cheesy or too pun-ish.


It’ll come to me. Hopefully in the next few days.

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